Biotech & Pharma

Europe’s most attractive environment for innovative biopharmaceutical companies

An unrivalled concentration of biopharmaceutical ecosystems. Multiple world-class universities. A long history of strategic partnerships between science, industry and government. All this explains why The Netherlands is a perfect location for biopharmaceutical innovation in Europe.

Strategic location

The Netherlands is well-known for its top-notch infrastructure for clinical research. There are twelve universities engaged in biomedical research, and seven University Medical Centers. Together, they maintain an excellent track record in the fields of cardiovascular-, infectious- and neurogenerative diseases and cancer research.

Many innovative LSH companies establish themselves in The Netherlands. Its reputation as a strategic location was solidified when the European Medicine Agency (EMA) decided to move from London to Amsterdam in 2019.

Highly favourable business climate

There are more than 400 biopharmaceutical companies, all within a 120-mile radius together with the universities and UMCs. With this proximity, the open culture, the multilingual workforce and the world’s highest amount of public-private partnerships, The Netherlands offers the right climate for businesses to flourish.

Read all about the advantages of setting up your business in the Netherlands in this special bid book for the biopharmaceutical industry. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today.