eHealth in the Netherlands

The digitalization of the healthcare system has long been a priority of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport as it was seen as a way to improve the access to healthcare and to keep the rising cost of healthcare in check. On top of this, it can provide a potential answer to the increasing administrative burden of healthcare professionals and empowering patients to also take charge of their own health and manage their disease better.

Because of this, the ministry – together with industry, healthcare providers, professionals, patient organisations, knowledge institutes and insurers – developed a comprehensive ehealth agenda which encompassed projects, incentives, reimbursement, and provided the fruitful ground for cooperation.

Not only did this longstanding engagement lead to a vibrant and innovative ecosystem, but it also led to Dutch hospitals having the highest IT adoption in the world. Nevertheless, being an early adopter also means that a lot of challenges have to be overcome and that mistakes are sometimes made.

However, an environment of open dialogue and a willingness to learn and make mistakes proves to be a valuable and remarkable mindset. It gave Dutch companies and healthcare providers an incredible amount of experience in this field, not only in developing new digital solutions but also in installing, implementing and running those solutions over longer periods of time. We want to share those solutions, experiences and mistakes with you so our experience can benefit you as well. Be it in the field of telemedicine, safe and secure communication in healthcare, patient empowerment, prevention or data use, we are ready to connect with you to share our experience.

On the other hand, we continue to face challenges as well, and we are also curious and enthusiastic to hear what we can learn from other countries and their journeys. We look forward to engaging with you and to share our experience, our innovations and to work together in providing smart solutions to our shared challenges.