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University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) of the University of Groningen, is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands and the largest employer in the northern Netherlands. More than 13,000 employees are active in patient care and in leading scientific research, with a focus on ‘healthy and active ageing’. UMCG has had healthy ageing as a core theme in research, education and care since 2006. The ambition is to improve health by looking at the whole life course of citizens, from cradle to grave so to say. To achieve this we look at:

2-Innovative treatments and diagnostics
3-Understanding the mechanisms of disease

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Hanzeplein 1
(9713 GZ) Groningen
The Netherlands

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Our research focuses on innovative treatments and diagnostics, understanding the mechanisms of disease and prevention. About 4,000 students are trained as doctor, dentist or movement-scientist and over 400 doctors receive further training as medical specialist.The UMCG focuses on complex care and care for complex patients. Our care is always based on the newest insights and is given by the best doctors and nurses. Along with support staff they work daily on our goal: “Building the future of health”.

Features and Superiority

UMCG, as part of the University of Groningen is an internationally top ranked university. We are internationally recognised for transplantology, oncology and acute care. Furthermore we are well known for our many biobanks and our large scale population based biobank. In the recent decade we have developed expertise in microbiome research which is also internationally well recognised.

Counterparts we would like to meet

Industrial partners that have an interest in developing programs with our senior scientists. The domains of gut microbiome and senescent cell technology in particular has been interesting for Japanese companies.

University Medical Center Groningen

Bart Scheerder

International relations and public private partnerships





Interview with Bart Scheerder, UMCG