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Nxt Cosmetics is a young Dutch company, which developed the premium sunscreen brand Sunday Brush. Sun protection is becoming increasingly more important in daily life. The numbers of skin cancer cases worldwide are shockingly high and these numbers continue to rise. To prevent skin damage and (premature) ageing it is crucial to protect the skin against the harmful UV rays on a daily basis. Traditional sunscreen contains chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment. They feel sticky and greasy on the skin and cause skin irritation and allergies. The founders Nicole and Remko Vermeer have made it their mission to create the go-to alternative for a traditional facial sunscreen. As Remko suffers from skin cancer, the couple is passionate about the importance of (daily) sun protection. Sun protection must be used every day, 365 days a year to prevent skin damage. Therefore sunscreen must be easy to use, safe and have no negative side effects.

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Kruisstraat 6
5437 AM Beers

The Netherlands

Products and Services

Sunday Brush is a mineral sunscreen powder with SPF 50; Unique in the world as it is the only and first with only 100% natural ingredients. The product is EU certified, reef safe, animal-friendly, with no added chemicals. The minerals do not absorb into the skin and cause no skin irritation. This makes Sunday Brush the go-to alternative for a traditional facial sunscreen.

Unique selling points

√ 100% natural, no chemicals

√ The light coverage creates a beautiful, even complexion

√ No greasy or oily face after applying

√ Easy to (re) - apply for all-day SPF protection

√ Available in 4 skin tones

Counterparts we would like to meet

We are looking for importers/ distributors/ wholesalers who have experience in the distribution of (premium) cosmetics products. The ideal partner should have a strong network in the sector of high-end skincare products in high-end retail and/or with established dermatologists, professional cosmetic institutes and beauty/esthetic salons.

The company is looking for a long-term relationship to enter the new markets.
Potential partners should be interested and motivated to introduce this new innovative product to their customers as an alternative for regular sunscreen products.
The role of the partner is to manage the distribution network with full compliance in the agreed-upon market, in terms of labels, certifications, local regulations.

Offline: High-end retail, dermatologists, cosmetic institutes, beauty/esthetic salons.
Online: The company is open to direct to consumer online sales / E-commerce partners, platforms

Nxt Cosmetics

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