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Each day more than a hundred people die from cardiovascular disorders. At the moment the Netherlands have 1 million cardiovascular patients (www.hartstichting.nl). Through population ageing and diseases like diabetes, lung diseases and obesity, that amount will increase even more. As specialists in registration and analysis of ECG's, we at Fysiologic ECG Services devote all our knowledge and expertise to identify heart problems at early stages. We are constantly busy improving the quality of our ECG analyses. Through our service and the reliability of our reports, we relieve the burden of doctors. The more convenient it is for the doctor, the more time he or she can spend on the patient. That is our ultimate goal: improving the health of the person behind the ECG

Company Profile

Year of establishment

Fysiologic ECG Services was founded in 1977 by John den Engelsman in cooperation with the Cardiology Department of the Utrecht Academic Hospital. From the start, Fysiologic was mainly concerned with ECG analysis. In 2007, Robert den Engelsman succeeded his father as CEO and took over the company. In the last ten years, the company is growing steadily. In 2008, Fysiologic entered the international market. It cooperates with several different hospitals, clinics and doctor's practices.

HQ location

Herikerbergweg 145-179
1101 CN Amsterdam

Products and Services

Fysiologic ECG Services offers customized solutions from the start until the end of the process, an all-in-service and an experienced team that deals exclusively with ECG analyses. Our way of working guarantees continuity, reliability, speed and the highest quality. Our state-of-the-art analysis program enables us to analyse ECG data from other suppliers. The reports will be coupled in a safe way with the national electronic patient files and are easily retrievable. You can outsource the entire process to us with confidence. Because in the end, only one thing counts: the most optimal treatment for your patient.

Expected effects by introducing this technology

Specific vector cardiographic variables, the ventricular gradient and the spatial QRS-T angle, in particular, have proven to be quite valuable in risk and prognosis analyses of different clinical syndromes. These variables can not be computed with the standard ECG equipment. The LEADS program computes a vectorcardiogram (VCG) from the standard 12-lead ECG and extracts several vector cardiographic variables for scientific purposes. By LEADS Online the LEADS program is made available online.

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Hospitals, Cardiologist, heart specialists, DMU’s.

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