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Frenetti, founded in 2013, is a Performance Management IT company with a new methodology to handle problems and challenges in health care and education. A disruptive approach to manage nursing capital and other health care, professionals. Leading in organizational transitions in hospitals, nursing homes, home care, revalidation and mental health care organizations.

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The three Frenetti assessments 'Professionalism', 'Complexity of Care' and 'Work-learning climate' result in strategic, tactical and operational strategic decision making, policy and taking targeted action in a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. This allows both the employer and the care professional to work on future-proof care professionals who are sufficiently equipped to practice their own profession.


An increase in the demand for care due to the ageing population, the increase in the complexity of care and a shortage of - skilled and qualified - health care professionals. The following topics are a global challenge: patient outcome and safety, patient satisfaction, burn-out, sick leave or early leave of professionals, recruitment, permanent education, talent and qualification management, mobility, staffing mix and capacity planning.

Frenetti provides related to these problems and challenges an online Measurement, Learning and Optimization XaaS platform as an intelligent positioning system for navigation, planning and following a route based on real-time (large) data-sets. This involves the deploy of the sophisticated scientific validated assessments about professionalism from beginner to expert level, the complexity of care classification and the workplace-learning climate. The generated connected data provides in dashboards, being: descriptive, prescriptive, conditional, predictive, preventive in order to take targeted action.

The elaborated expertise of Frenetti is on the cutting edge of healthcare, education and scientific research integrated into innovations and organizational change. It’s automated where it is possible and face-to-face where it is desirable in order to empower healthcare organizations to solve the problems and to deal with future challenges.

Features and Superiority

Frenetti delivers to customers since 2015. Over the first four years’ time - 2015-2019 - 31% of the Dutch hospitals (groups) and other previously mentioned organizations are using the new methodology. The impact is organization wide and affect educational institutes, accreditation, inspection of health care, health insurers purchasing, etc. In 2014 a scientific advisory board is set up because of the national and international perspective of the professionalism performance assessment in nursing as a gold standard.

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