Careanimations develops solutions to improve information provision to patients by healthcare professionals

Careanimations develops solutions to improve information provision to patients by healthcare professionals using animated videos and other visuals, such as icons. All our content is based on undisputed sources and created by our own team of medical writers and animators. We use animated video and other visuals for optimal understanding and recollection of information. We develop our own distribution software and user applications. With our distribution software, healthcare professionals can easily select a specific video or a personalized set of videos to share with their patients by QR-code, e-mail, or a direct push into our mobile app for patients. Our applications can be used standalone but are also designed for integration with applications already used by healthcare professionals and patients, to facilitate implementation and usage.

What do we stand for?

  • Independent information based on well accepted sources
  • Quality assurance by independent quality committee
  • Easy-to-understand information for everyone (85% acceptance)
  • Uniform and recognizable video format with interactive elements, designed for mass production
  • Co-created with patients with (very) limited (health) literacy skills

We have many products to support various healthcare professionals.




Product 1 | WATCHyourcare
for hospitals and GP clinics

Our WATCHyourcare platform offers modules with easy-to-understand information provided by videos for various diseases such as diabetes. The WATCHyourdiabetes module contains more than 250 animated videos about daily life with diabetes and its treatment, including instructional videos for almost all glucose meters and medication delivery devices such as insulin pens. A personalized set of videos can be easily selected with our healthcare professional distribution software and shared with patients.

Product 2 | WATCHyourmeds
for pharmacies and patient health portals

WATCHyourmeds is a platform with more than 8.500 animated videos in which the most important information of the package leaflet of medicines is explained in easy-to-understand spoken language. The accessibility and understandability have been tested and tailored to suit all patient populations, with a strong focus on patients with low (health) literacy skills. The WATCHyourmeds mobile app offers features such as messaging, knowledge testing, intake alerts and stock tracking to further support knowledge building and adherence.

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