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ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions develops and improves medical technology solutions. With our future-proof solutions, we continuously improve efficiency and quality in the healthcare industry. We realize these improvements by standardizing processes and by aligning communications between various systems. In addition, we develop new ways to improve healthcare for mother and child during pregnancy and delivery.

We distinguish ourselves by offering all the necessary software solutions in order to work completely paperless. The software solutions are designed for electronic record-keeping and fetal monitoring, focusing on the optimisation of the working and decision-making processes at the maternity ward. The development of the integrated solutions for Obstetrics is undertaken in close cooperation with gynaecologists, midwives, universities and government agencies.

Product | Sense4Baby: A portable and wireless prenatal monitoring system

Sense4Baby is a mobile version of a CTG (prenatal cardiotocography) monitor. A Sense4Baby unit consists of a compact kit containing the following items: a transducer, a tocodynamometer, a pulse oximeter, a small tablet that displays the readings, and accessories such as chargers, gel and maternity belts. This allows pregnant women and primary-care obstetricians to perform their own CTGs. The data is transmitted to a portal in the cloud, and the hospital can view the data in the portal in real-time or at a later stage. Data can also be transmitted directly to the Hospital Information System or Electronic Patient Record through a link.

This remote monitoring service offers pregnant women the benefit of a consultant physician’s medical expertise without the hassle of having to travel to the hospital – or, in some cases, having to stay there overnight.

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