Benefits of adopting an evidence-based Telehealth solution

Evidence-based Telehealth solutions

Digitalizing the healthcare system has long been a priority in The Netherlands. The Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport considers it a vital way to improve healthcare access, reduce costs, and empower patients to take charge of their own health. To make this happen, smart telehealth solutions play an important role. The COVID-19 pandemic has confirmed their relevance.

Benefits of telehealth in Colombia

For Colombian healthcare providers, telehealth solutions are valuable because they provide the possibility to…

  • assist and monitor patients remotely

  • inform them about a healthy lifestyle and how to maintain it

  • reduce the number of unnecessary visits and consultations

This stimulates patient empowerment and makes healthcare more cost-effective. An example of effective telehealth is provided by Spectator Healthcare Technology and Elsevier.

Reducing the amount of unnecessary hospital visits

Spectator was founded in The Netherlands in 2003. They are active in the healthcare market on four continents. “We are also located in Colombia and Brazil,” says Mrs. Amanda Touw, Marketing & Business Development Manager at Spectator Healthcare Technology. “Our mission is to improve healthcare access and the quality of life for all those in need. Regardless of their gender, ethnicity, age, location, and social status.”

“You can see there is an increase in healthcare expenses caused by unnecessary secondary and tertiary hospital care. By improving remote care and preventive care, the amount of visits can be reduced. There lies an opportunity for healthcare providers to make a difference. Telehealth solutions can be a serious time-saver.”

Stimulating patient empowerment

One of Spectator’s telehealth solutions is called BiDiApp. “It combines a wide range of possibilities in one platform. For instance, it gives the patient easy access to doctors, risk-assessment tools to check their symptoms, guidance videos, and evidence-based medical information. We have set up a global partnership with Elsevier, known for the world’s largest medical library, to offer the latter. Patient empowerment is key in preventive care.”

Elsevier, founded in 1880, provides insights to help researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes everywhere in the world. They do this by providing products which can be integrated in Electronic Health Records and other medical information systems. Examples include care plans, and medical education tools for students and nurses.

Clinical evidence, localised for Colombia

All of Elsevier’s products are available in Spanish. A recent example was found in emergency hospitals during the pandemic, when a digital platform was set up to manage inventory, beds, orders and more. Elsevier’s medical content supported clinical decision-making.

“We would to like to provide all institutions with the clinical evidence they need in order to improve patient safety and outcomes,” says Carlos de Paladella, Director Clinical Solutions for Latin America, Israel and the south of Europe. “An important benefit is that all our contents and technologies are localised for Colombia. We are already working with various hospitals, clinics and universities here.”

Hospitals providing telehealth support

Spectator is also working together with several Colombian healthcare providers. One is a group of hospitals that provides telehealth support to patients post-surgery as well as patients with a chronic disease or condition. “Our solutions can be implemented quickly for any type of service in public and private health,” says Mrs. Amanda Touw. “It is also interesting for insurance companies to include in their packages.”

Find out more about the benefits of adopting evidence-based telehealth solutions like these. Join our roundtable with Spectator and Elsevier. Thursday November 5th 2020, 10:00 Bogota time. Click here to register (Zoom).


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