Best practices in the Dutch Screening Landscape

New solutions and insights to improve screening and prevention

Thanks to prevention and early detection, society becomes healthier and healthcare becomes more efficient. As a leading country in population screening programs, The Netherlands has valuable solutions to offer.

In The Netherlands, population screening programs are funded and managed by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Businesses as well as research institutes are highly involved. Find out how their solutions and expertise can help you increase the availability, affordability and impact of population screening in Colombia.

Solid software for smart nation-wide prevention

The software development specialists of Topicus contribute to a healthy society by developing software for better screening and disease prevention. Their technical solutions connect people and improve the exchange of crucial data. An important keyword in their work: patient empowerment.

An important example of their work is found in population screening. In 2014, Topicus developed the digital infrastructure for national colorectal cancer screening. Their platforms also support the national cervical cancer and breast cancer screening programs, as well as tuberculosis control and COVID-19 testing programs.

Millions of citizens in The Netherlands benefit from these screening solutions, detecting disease in an early stage. For example: 4,3 million citizens have participated in the colorectal cancer screening program, 5,6 million citizens have participated in the program for cervical cancer.

The digital platform is garnering attention in Brazil and Indonesia. It can also function as a backbone for smart screening and prevention in Colombia.

Easy access to better diagnostics

For hospitals and medical centers in Colombia who require improved access to high-end solutions, Resonandina offers a smart solution. Their goal is to improve health in urban and rural areas by providing screening instruments for improved patient diagnostics and treatment.

Resonandina’s rental solutions enable flexible access to high-end, turn-key solutions for diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures. Mobile and modular. Rental solutions prove to be valuable when extra capacity is needed in case of, for instance, waiting lists or downtime.

Resonandina’s solutions are already in use in Latin America. For instance, Resonandina currently operates two mobile MRI projects in Bolivia, where up to 250 patients are served per week. They are ready expand throughout the region.

Interdisciplinary research to improve practice

Rotterdam-based university medical center Erasmus MC is the national evaluation unit for the breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening programs in The Netherlands. They also evaluate similar programs abroad. Besides evaluation, their expertise is found in implementing, monitoring and enhancing cancer screening programs. The specialists at Erasmus MC are ready to share their knowledge to further improve cancer screening programmes in Colombia.

Erasmus MC conducts interdisciplinary research into the effectiveness of screening and prevention, including large-scale screening trials concerning the effect of screening on for instance lung cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Erasmus MC also provides guidance in the development of public health policies on screening, based on micro-simulation modelling (MISCAN). This helps predict favourable and unfavourable effects of screening as well as costs.




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