Government Agency for R&D in Life Sciences & Health sector

Vital citizens in a healthy economy. That is what the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health strives for. Top Sector LSH is the Dutch government agency that initiates and stimulates interdisciplinary R&D in public-private partnerships.

In The Netherlands, Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector is considered as one of nine ‘top sectors’. These have been identified by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, based on their ability to make a significant contribution to global societal challenges. Health~Holland is the Top Sector LSH's communication channel.

An inspiring mission

Top Sector LSH has formulated an inspiring mission. In 2040, all citizens of The Netherlands will live in good health five years longer, and health inequality between the lowest and highest socio-economic groups will be reduced by 30%.

Four underlying missions are described, which must be completed in order to realize the central mission. These four missions focus on decisive factors such as lifestyle, living environment and the quality and accessibility of care.

  • In 2040, the disease burden due to an unhealthy lifestyle and environment will decrease by 30%.

  • In 2030, 50% of care will be provided in the own living environment, rather than in care institutions.

  • In 2030, people with a chronic illness or lifelong disability will be able to participate better in society according to their wishes and ability (+ 25%).

  • In 2030, the quality of life of people with dementia will have increased by 25%.

Boosting a productive Life Sciences & Health sector

These missions give direction to social, scientific and business innovation processes. By connecting the right companies and organizations, attracting funding, sharing best practices, and communicating as one voice, the Top Sector LSH aims to boost the productive infrastructure in The Netherlands. They stimulate a broad scope of disciplines, ranging from biotech and pharmaceuticals to Medtech and eHealth, from healthcare infrastructure to vaccination. As a result, The Netherlands is one of the frontrunners in healthcare innovation and digitalisation.