Increasing mobility & vitality for an ageing population

The ability to go out and exercise is vital to a healthy way of life. In an ageing society, like the ones in Colombia and The Netherlands, new solutions are required to help patients and/or the elderly maintain an active way of life. During our round table on Mobility & Vitality, participants from Colombia were introduced to 4Wieler.

Participants from several rehabilitation centers and (university) hospitals joined the presentation by Mr. Robert van Hees, CEO and founder of 4Wieler. They further explored 4Wieler’s value for Colombian healthcare institutions during the Q&A session.

Improved quality of life

4Wieler develops multiple models of four-wheel bicycles, to be used by one person or by more people together. As Mr. Van Hees discussed, four-wheel bicycles are safer and more stable than bicycles with three or two wheels. This is why they are suitable for older people and people with a disease or condition that makes it difficult to go outdoors.

During 4Wieler’s previous visits to Colombia, people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s were able to enjoy a ride. Experience or training turned out to be unnecessary. Mr. Van Hees pointed out that cycling around in areas and parks near the care facilities means people get around more, they sleep better, and their quality of life is improved.

Reasons for collaboration

For several reasons, 4Wieler’s offer matches the Colombian Ministry of Health’s ambition to improve the quality of life of elderly citizens:

  • The bicycles could be a valuable addition to rehabilitation programs.
    During the Q&A, the director of a public rehabilitation center showed her interest. She stated that the future looks promising for 4Wieler’s solution and she is ready to recommend it to other healthcare instutions.

  • Colombia’s population is ageing.
    Many people have limited opportunities to move around freely outdoors. 4Wieler’s bicycles are an easy way for the elderly to go out and get some exercise, together with a family member or caregiver.

  • Colombia is bound to become more bicycle-friendly.
    With Bogota already famous for its ciclovia, the Colombian government is investing in making the country more bike-friendly for its population. Including four-wheel bicycles like 4Wieler’s means this also offers opportunities for elderly citizens and patients.

Pilot project in Colombia

As part of a pilot project in 2021, 4Wieler’s bicycles will be supplied to multiple elderly homes, daycare facilities, and, if possible, rehabilitation centers. These institutions will be able to try the bicycles for free, in exchange for reports on their experience. 4Wieler will then use this information to further improve their products.

4Wieler is looking for additional participants for their pilot project. When the project is done, participants can get a discount on 4Wieler’s bicycles.

Meanwhile, 4Wieler is developing a specific model for the Colombian healthcare market in order to make them more affordable. These may include optional electric support. Mr. Van Hees indicated he is looking into possibilities for certification so the bicycles can be imported as a medical product.

Are you interested in joining the pilot project in 2021? Find out more about 4Wieler and contact Mr. Robert van Hees today.

This was the third of four round tables. During the final round table we will discuss Evidence-based Telehealth.



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