Why invest in the Netherlands?

Win-Win With its strategic location, highly educated multilingual workforce, advanced healthcare system and excellent international business climate, the Netherlands is one of the world’s leading locations for international Life Sciences and Health companies. The country consistently ranks highly in the Forbes list of Best Countries for Business and the Quality of Life Index, providing a stable, open, safe and welcoming location for visitors from overseas.

Home to more than 3,100 Life Sciences companies, 8 university medical centers and 12 universities engaged in biomedical research in a 120 mile radius, the Netherlands is the most concentrated Life Sciences & Health hub in the world.

The Life Sciences & Health top sector consists of several connected communities, who are at the forefront in both biopharmaceutical and medical technology innovation. All communities collaborate in solving challenges in a Quadruple Helix approach with companies, government, academics and patients.

Since 2019, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is situated here, strengthening the position of the Netherlands being the ideal ecosystem in Europe for developing ground-breaking technologies in the field of health.

Being a world trader since the 17th century, the Dutch know how to connect, also to the European market, with 95% of Europe’s most lucrative consumer markets just around the corner. Its favorable location and world-class infrastructure have made the Netherlands an important global distribution center and an attractive location for international companies.

Collaborating and doing business in the Dutch Life Sciences and Health sector means investing in a win-win situation for everyone involved anywhere in the world. Health is just as important for everyone. And where health is well organized, the quality of life is even better!


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About the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sports

About the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sports

A Dutch perspective on Life Sciences & Health

A Dutch perspective on Life Sciences & Health