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WELCOME, BIENVENIDO! We invite you to visit our digital Life Sciences & Health showcase! Over the last couple of years, Colombia and The Netherlands are intensifying their relations in order to foster further cooperation that benefits the health and wellbeing of our societies. Together with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, the Netherlands Embassy in Bogotá and the Holland House Colombia, future steps and activities were identified to further connect Colombian and Dutch healthcare stakeholders and strengthen the existing sustainable healthcare relationships.

With the Dutch and Colombian having similar ‘Managed Competition’ health systems, and through four years (2015–2019) of intense bilateral high-level exchanges in healthcare, the Netherlands has been established as the number one reference country for many key stakeholders in Colombia. Colombia is actively seeking cooperation with Dutch knowledge institutes and innovative companies. Lately, great interest has been shown in the topics of oncology, senior care, nursing, and value-based healthcare.

Please feel welcome at this digital LSH showcase where you can find a wealth of information on the life sciences & health sector in the Netherlands and get connected to innovative companies that are actively looking for partners in Colombia.


  1. Round table - Best practices in screening: click here to register (zoom)
  2. Round table - Patient security: click here to register (zoom)
  3. Round table - Mobility & vitality: click here to register (zoom)
  4. Round table - Benefits of telemedicine: click here to register (zoom)

About the Netherlands

Government Agency for R&D in Life Sciences & Health sector

Government Agency for R&D in Life Sciences & Health sector

Best practices in the Dutch Screening Landscape

Patient safety & cost-effectiveness

Mobility & Vitality

Benefits of adopting an evidence-based Telehealth solution

Did you know that the Netherlands is..

  • # 1 Global Access to Healthcare Index of The Economist Intelligence Unit
  • # 2 Euro Health Consumer Index of the Health Consumer Powerhouse
  • # 3 Health Care System Performance Ranking of The Commonwealth Fund
  • # 3 Global Innovation Index
  • # 4 Global Competitiveness Index of the WEF
  • # 4 Digital Economy & Society Index of the European Commission
  • # 6 World Happiness Report
  • # 7 IT Development Index of the United Nations ITU
  • Top 10 position in citations for research in biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology.
  • Top 10 position in international patent applications
  • Front-runner in eHealth according to HIMMS
  • World's highest ICT penetration in hospitals and clinics
  • Leading in eMental Health according to OECD
  • 5% of Dutch start-ups focus on medical or health

Let's do business!

Stable and comfortable bikes with 4 wheels
Improving healthcare together by connecting the right people
Global Factories makes medicine distribution safer
Leader in information and analytics for customers across the global research and health ecosystems
Software development company on a mission to offer empowerment, engagement and excellence by connecting people, platforms and data.
Expert in mobile imaging solutions in Latin America
Interdisciplinary research on the effectiveness of prevention, screening, and health care to support evidence-based practice
Provider of video control and service centre platforms


Elsevier & Spectator - Telemedicine Webinars

Elsevier & Spectator - Telemedicine Webinars

Resonandina - Mobile MRI Solution in El Alto, Bolivia

Resonandina - Mobile MRI Solution

Why invest in The Netherlands?

Why invest in the Netherlands?

Erasmus MC - MyPeBS Breast Cancer Screening

Erasmus MC - My PeBS

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