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About Topicus

Topicus is on a mission to connect people, healthcare professionals, providers, commissioners and financers. Our aim is to contribute towards a (better) balanced healthcare system by people and patient empowerment, community engagement and operational excellence according to the quadruple aim.

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Leeuwenbrug 1- 51
7411 TE Deventer
The Netherlands

Products and Services

Topicus is a software development company on a mission to offer empowerment, engagement and excellence by connecting people, platforms and data. In order to break the fragmentation cycle in healthcare, we recognize the need to;
1) involve the patient in their own care process with blended care and smart technology
2) optimize collaboration between healthcare professionals and the patient
3) focus on the quality and value of the delivered care and maximize transparency in financing.

With our unique common workspace approach, we strive to contribute towards a (better) balanced healthcare system via the Topicus Connected Healthcare Platform.

Unique Selling Points

Topicus has vast experience in building solutions for screening processes. Topicus has built the platform to support the national cervical, colorectal and breast cancer screening programmes in The Netherlands and the national system used for tuberculosis control and COVID19 testing.

Contacts we would like to meet at our digital showcase

  • Health insurers
  • Government officials of the public health department
  • Potential local IT partners (for joint development)

Topicus Healthcare

Ronald Zwartkruis

International partnership lead




Opportunities for Colombian-Dutch collaborations

Topicus was part of a constructive round table session on the best practices in the Dutch screening landscape. Possible opportunities for cooperation between Colombian stakeholders and Dutch companies were identified during this meeting. You can find the report of this session here.



How to improve screening programs


Best practices in the Dutch Screening Landscape