About 4Wieler

4 Wieler designs, produces and sells 4wheel cycling vehicles for 1 up to 7 persons or more plus cargo. The nice design with 4wheels provides a maximum of safety, comfort and stability.

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Langegracht 63
2312 NW Leiden
The Netherlands

Product and services

The Solo and Duo models of 4Wieler are often used by elderly and disabled people but they are also very suitable for recreational purposes. The Solo, Duo and Quattro models also for urban transport (with people as a taxi and freight as cargo bike or the combination of both). 4Wieler cargo bikes we have called Bykkar. All 4Wielers are available as an e-bike with one or twin motor and batteries of 60Ah or more. Optional with windshield and roof, solar panels and trailers. Riding a 4Wieler is fun: a healthy exercise in the open air, good for your body and the environment!

Unique Selling Points

Experience or training is not needed to ride a 4Wieler bike. If one sits on a saddle or seat with backrest for extra support anyone can enjoy nice bike rides in the open air. 4Wielers offer maximum stability, comfort and safety: one cannot fall with these bikes. Even people with severe stages of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease can profit a lot from the joy and the exercise these bikes offer to them. We have shown that during a market survey in Bogota in 2019. Rehabilitation hospitals have shown great interest as these bikes offer much more than just muscle training on a static home trainer. Compared to 3wheel bikes 4Wielers offer much more stability and safety. We don’t see cars with 3 wheels these days anymore…. The risk of accidents is real and too big to expose this group of vulnerable patients.

Success Stories

4Wielers are not available in Colombia yet. In 2021 (a little delayed because of Covid19) we will start with a project to show the advantages these bikes can have in healthcare. A selection of both Senior Houses and Rehabilitation Centers will use these bikes for several months and the results are shown and discussed with all interested parties at several meetings we will organise.

Counterparts we would like to meet at our digital showcase

Decisionmakers, medical professionals, directors of health care institutions, senior houses and rehabilitation centres. People working with patients that can benefit from using bikes.


Robert van Hees


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Opportunities for Colombian-Dutch collaborations

4Wieler was part of a constructive round table session on mobility and vitality. Possible opportunities for cooperation between Colombian stakeholders and Dutch companies were identified during this meeting. You can find the report of this mission here.


Mobility & Vitality