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Founded over 15 years ago, Spectator is a leading provider of video control and service centre platforms for a variety of mission-critical applications in Security, Healthcare and Communication markets. The Spectator Communication Platform (SCP) provides a multi-disciplinary and multi-protocol solution for Security. In Healthcare, the eHealth & Telecare platform supports HC organizations and care professionals to increase efficiency, improve the quality-of-life and reduce healthcare costs. Furthermore, Spectator has a unique and attractive business model, based on a multi-annual partnership agreement and a shared-profit model.

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Products and Services

During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, the world needs more solutions that are:
- quickly available and applicable
- medically and technologically tested and proven
- above all reliable and safe!

Spectator technology makes an effective contribution to the protection of patients and medical- nursing staff. The solutions can be implemented directly in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes and home locations.

In primary care, the risk-assessment tools (triage) for clients enable medical practitioners to operate the final diagnosis of reported complaints. The solution is highly reliable in questioning the symptoms of poly-pathologies patients. With the integration of the mobile personal alarm button, patients can feel safe and secure anywhere and anytime!

Most of the existing applications are focusing on diabetes, hypertension or cardiopathies. In collaboration with MedVir, Spectator can provide a list of questions to the patient for “intelligent” deep analyse in any patient or chronic care situation. Aside, the long-term partnership with Elsevier further enables the opportunity to provide direct access to validated medical content to stimulate behaviour change and self-awareness.

The connection with the Spectator TeleHealth platform helps to monitor blind spots and all types of situations that are not covered by other care applications. Complete integration of the iHealth biosensors not only improves Healthcare access, but also the home monitoring of Chronic Care patients. The management studio in the Spectator platform manages all personal alerts and action plans, related to a biosensor and the associated treatment plan. The database also can be linked to or synchronised with third-party databases, such as electronic health records or patient files.

With the total concept, we support the avoidance of unnecessary doctor visits or hospitalisation. The nurse that evaluates the patient's symptoms results in the Spectator TeleHealth platform can indicate the level of urgency and follow up accordingly.

Unique Selling Points

  • Medical staff is able to remotely monitor patients and clients based on remote consults, chat, validated medical content and biosensor measurement results in the monitoring dashboard with the help of smart threshold alarming.
  • A full recording of audio and video (incl. use of action plans with care protocols or modules
  • Smart use of data (transferring, receiving, monitoring etc)
  • Increasing efficiency of treatment and care processes with a total and integrated TeleHealth solution
  • Remote video consultations for remote care directly from a patient’s home
  • Safe travelling time and costs for the patient and the medical staff
  • Avoidance of unnecessary doctor visits or hospital admissions
  • Improved efficiency of care and quality-of-life
  • Optimization of contact between patients and Medical professionals and stimulate continuity of patient treatment plans
  • Improved satisfaction and comfort, not only for the patient but also for the medical team
  • Stimulate health promotion to avoid people from getting sick. With engagement and empowerment of patients, we strive for behaviour change and self-awareness

Success Stories

Coomeva Medicina Prepagada is one of the leading Healthcare Insurance Companies in Colombia, with direct and indirect Health services under the modality of prepayment, through Health professionals, Health institutions and branches. Spectator Latin America is the regional office of Spectator Video Technology in the Netherlands, which for more than 15 years develops and commercializes worldwide video control and service centre platforms for a wide range of applications in Security, Healthcare and Communication.Coomeva Medicina Prepagada is the first national Healthcare Insurance Company in Colombia that will extend its Healthcare services with Spectator’s state-of-the-art eHealth & Telemedicine platform.

Elsevier and Spectator Healthcare Technology have joined forces to improve access to healthcare in terms of evidence-based medical content, integrated with Telehealth technology. Far beyond today’s digital health apps, cooperation between companies spans stages ranging from preventive and remote primary care to support for chronic and elderly patients.

Counterparts we would like to meet at our digital showcase

Spectator is open to long-term national/ international partnerships with:

  • Healthcare organizations-
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance companies
  • Healthcare authorities
  • MOH/ Governments
  • Telecom companies


Spectator Healthcare Technology

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