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Resonandina is an expert in mobile imaging solutions in Latin America. We provide turnkey rental services of high-end technology for hospitals, diagnostic centres and radiologists: MRI, CT scan, PET CT scan and Interventional Radiology (including Cardio & Neuro). It is estimated that there is a need for approx. 2.500 MRI units in Latin America. It is Resonandina's aim to enhance better accessibility to high-end imaging diagnostics

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Groot Hertoginnelaan 3
2517 EA The Hague
The Netherlands

Product and Services

Started in 205, of Dutch origin, the company currently operates two MRI projects in Bolivia and is expanding throughout the region. Resonandina rents High-end Mobile and Modular Solutions for Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Procedures (MRI, CT, PET-CT, CATH-lab) in Latin America. Offering innovative, accessible and flexible solutions in metropolitan and rural areas.

Unique Selling Points

  • Why: Improve Health in Urban and Remote areas

  • How: Give Hospital's flexibility and access to advanced ‘tools’ so they improve patient diagnostics and treatment

  • What: Rental of turnkey HighEnd Mobile Diagnostic and Interventional Solutions in Latin America

Success Stories

Business in La Paz, Bolivia:
As a part of a project with a Dutch Government program, the MRI is improving the quality of the services of this renowned hospital. The City of La Paz with over 1 million inhabitants has a poor offer of MRI service. With the RisPacs of Medspazio, the distribution and accessibility are guaranteed.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
In collaboration with Kenko Saúde, Resonandina installed a hypermodern mobile MRI trailer in Itaguaí, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The trailer is equipped with a high-end MRI-Scanner and the most advanced equipment in the field of diagnostics.

Value Proposition

Hospitals and Medical Centers in Latin America face structural challenges to get access to advanced medical technologies:

  1. Lack of Access to high-end solutions: especially for mid- and small-size centres. Due to e.g. finance, patient flow, physical space/construction limits and lacking in-house expertise.

  2. Multiple Locations Use: the need for flexibility (short terms) and sharing possibilities among hospitals (part-time). E.g. for market testing in expansion strategies or locally low volumes

  3. Temporary backups for centres with installed equipment that experience lack of capacity (waiting lists) or downtime e.g. due to upgrade & renovations.

Resonandina partners with healthcare providers and offers accessible high-end mobile and modular units tailor-made. Including maintenance, insurance and installation. Optional with medical operational services included in cooperation with local providers.

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Opportunities for Colombian-Dutch collaborations

Resonandina was part of a constructive round table session on the best practices in the Dutch screening landscape. Possible opportunities for cooperation between Colombian stakeholders and Dutch companies were identified during this meeting. You can find the report of this session here.


Resonandina - Mobile MRI Solution in El Alto, Bolivia
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